“STEP UP is a brand and digital solutions training centre that focuses on empowering individuals and SMEs owners with internet marketing skills to help them experience robust growth and grow their revenue.”

The first edition of the STEP MASTERCLASS tagged “STEP IN 2019” is scheduled to hold from 25th to 27th of January (three days intensive sessions).


4 Modules on Digital Marketing, one module on the “ABC of Blogging”, “Business Investment Search”, “Business Branding “, and “Google Digital Skills” Would be taught in the MASTERCLASS with delivery in the 3days intensive masterclasses

The Modules are:

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Digital Strategy
  • Content Marketing
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This STEP UP Masterclass is suitable for anyone who wants to understand the essential elements of running effective digital marketing campaigns based on a well-planned and integrated digital marketing strategy such as business owners, marketing managers, digital managers, social media professionals, communications professionals, government, people seeking to advance their career, start-ups and anyone relying on the internet to grow their business.


  • Use social media platforms to create online experiences that increase customer engagement and create sales opportunities. So, you will not be using your social media the wrong way!
  • You will be better informed with strategies of writing effective content and how to promote your content. The era of selling on social media or on the internet is gone. These days, it is more of value giving and less of selling. At the STEP UP Masterclass, the Community Manager at GITGIRL and Ex-Chief Storyteller at CREGITAL will be available to show you the “how to” of content marketing
  • You will Learn how to become an influencer and monetize your influence on Social Media. The one and only grandfather Social Media Influencer (@badt_boi_ )on Twitter will be available to share with you the tips and his secrets to making big money off the internet
  • You will Learn how to plan and execute well structured digital marketing and social media strategies that are tied to your business objectives and will help you achieve your marketing goals.
  • You will Learn how to develop strong brand positioning essentials that will differentiate you from other brands out there. So you that you can be easily seen, remembered, understood, and patronized regardless of the noise in your industry
  • You will Learn blogging; yes! The ABC of blogging and making money from it. We are engaging the services of the CEO of one of the biggest blogs in the South-South with about 150k+ traffic daily to facilitate this session.

So, after the STEP UP MASTERCLASS, you will be better positioned to monetize your platform if you want to be a blogger.

Certificates will be issued to participants at the MASTERCLASS



Most youths don’t understand that with zero capital but just your phone and data bundle, you can earn a living. Start up is an initiative set up to empower the youths digitally and I have learned more from them which I’m applying today in my online business to foster growth and at the same time make good cash inflows. This is an opportunity that shouldn’t be missed because it’ll grow you to become something you’ll never regret.

Ezeji Chinonsi, C.E.O, WatchNWrist

Much like the name, The STEP UP brand delivered on its goal of stepping up and positioning my business. In less than a year of affiliation, I have experienced a wider brand presence and customer network. Why lay low when you can STEP UP. I am James Tbb Ikpe, and I am a Photographer with the brand name Tbb Photography.

Chief Photography, TBB Photography

In just a year of having STEP UP Consult for my digital magazine outlet, VL Magazine(www.vlmagazine.com), we won 5 awards, got an international distribution deal with Magzster, a top distribution company based in New York. We also had the highest ever digital sales for an African Digital Magazine in the world. Thanks to the internet skills learnt at STEP UP, I can achieve all these and more in 2019


Thank you very much STEP UP, I’m glad I decided to work with you, with your great mentorship and guidance AKWACLEANUPZ became a reality. Your marketing strategies got me my 1st client a day after I launched. I’m truly grateful .


Being a trainer in Step Up was an awesome experience. Meeting with passionate individuals interested in improving themselves we got interactive and innovative equipping ourselves with cutting edge ideas. I’ll sure recommend the Step Up training session to everyone that seeks to step up their digital marketing career.

Itoro Ukpong, C.E.O, Smart Kaizen Technologies.

As a graduate, one would expect I would quickly get a well-paying job and move on with life but it wasn’t so for me. All efforts to get a job proved futile, I was in huge debt, and had to go back to living with my mom eventually. During that time someone told me about making money through social media and a course on Social media marketing which StepUpNg was offering. I took the course since I was at my wit’s end and that till now has been one of the best decisions I made. I am now employed as a Social Media Manager for a number of companies. I am finally independent and growing bigger daily. Thankyou StepUpNg for giving my life a step up.

Daniella Mato

I got to know about STEP UP from a friend who is a one of the facilitators at STEP UP. STEP UP has been really beneficial to me and my business in various ways…with the knowledge I gained from the program, I’ve been able to interact better with my customers and the general public and also know my target market, it has helped me become a better marketer of not just my products but also any product or service presented to me…it has also enriched me with enough knowledge that will definitely improve me on a daily basis, I never doubted STEP UP because of how I found out about it, this facilitator in question is one who is always willing to share knowledge to as many people as possible just to improve everyone’s capability, if such person is part of this programme..there is every reason to join in because maximum satisfaction and progress is certain.



Leo Dasilva
Leo DasilvaInvestment Expert
Harri Obi
Harri ObiAward Winning TV Host | Content Producer | Event Compere
Wilfred Emmanuel
Wilfred EmmanuelDigital Strategist/Talent Solutions Expert
Gidyon Thompson
Gidyon ThompsonBrand Strategist
Mathew Eguaveon (badt_boi_)
Mathew Eguaveon (badt_boi_)Social Media Influencer
Uche Kene
Uche KeneGoogle Ads Expert / Trainer
Yeside Garrick
Yeside GarrickCommunity Manager At GitGirl